"Grade Yourself" Quizzes

On Biblical and Related Themes

Quiz on the Blessed Trinity

General Bible Knowledge                                  Basic Theology
Old Testament Survey                                  New Testament Survey
The Antediluvian Age                                  The Great Flood
After the Flood                                  The Ten Commandments
The Earthly Ministry of Christ                                  The Present Ministry of Christ
The Life and Ministry of the Apostle Peter                                  The Life and Ministry of the Apostle Paul
The New Covenant Sacraments                                  The Love Quiz
Prayer                                  Preaching
Bad Guys of the Bible                                  The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Notable Women of the Bible                                  Children of the Bible
Animals of the Bible                                  Church Structure and Government
Discipleship                                  Heaven and Hell
The Judges                                  The World Views Quiz
The Last Things                                  The Faith Quiz
Angels and devils                                  The Bible's Wisdom Books
Music in the Bible                                  The "Green" Quiz
The Bible and Money                                  The Bible and Healing
The Bible, Beauty, and the Arts                                  The Miracles of the Bible
Parables Plus                                  The Life of King David
The Questions of God                                  The "No Such Thing" Quiz
Catastrophes and Disasters in the Bible                                  Death and Dying
The Major Prophets                                  The Minor Prophets
The Biblical "Top Forty"                                  Judgment Day

The Apocalypse

As of the posting of the quiz on the Apocalypse, February 1, A.D. 2013
"Quiz of the Month" is on indefinite sabbatical leave. God willing, it will return!

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