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Some to call to pray, some to make your day,
some for the matter gray, and some for your need for play.

"If 'religious' means a slavish devotion to man made rules, if it means mindlessly keeping traditions the significance of which the keeper himself is ignorant, if it means adherence to foolish superstititons, if it means oppressive austerity for austerity's sake, if it means having a stinking conceit about one's own imagined righteousness which leads him to despise others…dear Lord, deliver me!

But if 'religious' means that one has been transformed by the power of the living God, if it refers to the pursuit of genuine holiness, if it means that one manifests a humble confidence in the justifying grace and sustaining mercy of God, if one's life demonstrates God's love shed abroad in his heart, thankfully worshiping Him and doing good to others…well then! Hallelujah and amen!"

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