"Listen! Behold, a sower went out to sow." (Mark 4:3)


Gospel Tracts

The following simple, occasion-oriented tools for sharing the Gospel are offered to the public without any copyright claim whatsoever, but an appeal is hereby made to the Judge of all the Earth regarding any unrighteous use of them:

The Blood Donor     Download printable version
God bless America?     Download printable version
A Scary Night!     Download printable version
Why is it His "Passion"?     Download printable version
What is the meaning of Christmas?     Download printable version
The Yard Sale     Download printable version


Although their author respectfully requests that you keep the essential content of the tracts intact, you do have his permission to edit them by adding a church name, web site, phone, address or other contact information.

You also may copy and use the HTML code and GIF images found in the online versions of the tracts.

You also may link this page or any individual tract.

The printable versions are in MS Word DOC format, and laid out to print on both sides of an 8.5" X 11" sheet, then be folded in two places to create a six panel pamphlet suitable for mailing or keeping handy in a pocket or purse.

The purpose of the online versions is to communicate the wording and "feel" of the tracts for those interested in downloading and printing them.


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